In addition to the popular facial rejuvenation peels and pharmaceutical skin lightening and facial hair removal products offered by Skin Medica, the brand also offers a full range cosmeceuticals line available at Dr. Weston’s Menlo Park plastic surgery office.

Skin Medica products allow you to create a customized skin care regimen that will help maintain your skin’s health, improve skin tone and texture and fight the affects of aging.

A wide variety of Skin Medica cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sun protection products serve as the building blocks of your daily skin care system, while Skin Medica anti-aging products go the extra step to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

SkinMedica anti-aging products contain effective key ingredients, including:

  • Vitamins C & E – neutralize free radicals to reduce the effects of photoaging
  • Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids – exfoliates and regenerates skin cells
  • Retinol – reduces wrinkles and encourages cell turnover
  • Peptides – promotes skin healing and collagen production
  • Hyaluronic acid – firms skin and improves elasticity
  • Patented TNS formula of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants and matrix protein

Talk to Dr. Weston about your skin care concerns, and she will help you choose the right combination of Skin Medica products for your daily skin care regimen

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