Lip augmentation can give you larger, more voluminous lips while reducing wrinkles around your mouth. Many people desire pouty, well-defined lips, most are not born with this trait. Most people see their lips become thinner as time goes on, a process that’s often accelerated by smoking.

Dr. Weston will typically recommend a product such as JUVEDERM® or Restylane® for your lip augmentation. In some cases, special facial implants can also be used.

Who can benefit from lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation may be right for you if your lips are thinner than you would like. Tell your provider if you’re prone to getting cold sores or skin eruptions around the lips.

The procedure will typically involve an injection of dermal filler – collagen, hayaluronic acid, or fat – into the lips.

Areas that can be treated during lip augmentation

  • Upper lip
  • Lower lip
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Corners of the mouth

What To Expect During The Procedure

Wrinkle fillers such as JUVEDERM® and Restylane are very common for lip augmentation. Before treatment, a medication may be used to control discomfort during; this will usually involve a dental block or numbing cream anesthetic.

We use a needle of specific size to inject the filler into areas that need volume. This technique preserves the natural appearance of the lips while enhancing their size and shape. After injection, some brief massaging of the area may be necessary to achieve a smooth result.

After Lip Augmentation

After lip augmentation, it is common to experience some swelling and soreness in the lips. They may feel fuller than expected immediately after treatment, but as the swelling subsides and you adjust to the results, you’ll be able to appreciate the outcome.

To learn more about lip augmentation procedures with our providers, contact us or schedule a consultation.

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