How does the DermaSweep work?

DermaSweep features a closed system with a variable level vacuum pump that gently lifts the skin surface as the device “sweeps away” the dead layer of skin in a precise and controlled manner.

The skin is left smoother as the vacuum action of the wand stimulates blood flow and cleans the pores. The increased blood flow encourages collagen production, which firms and tones the epidermis.

What conditions does the DermaSweep treat?

Most everyone can enjoy the DermaSweep’s rejuvenation benefits. DermaSweep treatments can reduce:

  • Revitalize dull skin
  • Early aging lines
  • Sun-damaged skin/photo damage
  • Hyper-pigmentation (brown patches and age spots)
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Refines enlarged pores
  • Improves and can help control/maintain acne

What is DermaSweep’s Epi-Infusion?

DermaSweep Epi-Infusion treatments combine exfoliation with the delivery of skin specific topical solutions, which results in fresher feeling and better looking skin. DermaSweep’s topical solutions are formulated to treat specific dermatological conditions. The solution is applied under vacuum pressure at the same time the system exfoliates the epidermis. Our skincare specialist’s tailor treatments to each patient’s unique skincare needs.

Is the treatment painful or come with side effects?

DermaSweep is pretty painless. You may feel mild tingling after the exfoliation but the skin will be quite smooth. You may have some redness which usually resolves in a half hour. The moisture of any topical treatment will leave your skin with a cool, refreshed feeling and look.

We finish treatments with an anti-oxidant and sunscreen since the exfoliated skin has temporarily lost some of the its natural protection to the environment. We also recommend you limit your sun exposure.

What will my skin look like following my treatment?

Your skin will be instantly smoother and you will notice a vibrant glow after the first treatment. Hyper-pigmentation and fine lines, will lessen gradually over a series of treatments.

How long will the result last?

Lasting and more significant results occur after four to six treatments spaced over 10 days to two weeks apart, supported by a daily post treatment routine.

What will I do after the treatment?

A home skincare regime will be recommended to maintain the results of your treatment

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